Checklist for the final version of accepted papers

Within acceptable limits for Brief and Regular papers and Technical Communiqués. See the Automatica Guide for Authors and the FAQ - How do I estimate the length of my paper?
Title page
Title (preferably no more than 10 words).
Suggested running title
Name and address to whom correspondence, page proofs and reprints should be sent. Only one author will receive page proofs.
Keywords. Five to ten words, most of them chosen from the IFAC keyword list
Abstract (not more than about 200 words).
First-page footnotes
Author(s) affiliation(s).
Fax, E-mail and telephone of the corresponding author.
Name, date and location of the IFAC meeting where the paper was presented (if any).
Define all acronyms briefly, even if well established.
See the Automatica Guide for Authors for the style.
Short titles for Appendices
Other instructions by the editor