LaTeX style files for the preparation of compuscripts

See the Information for Authors for the electronic preparation of first submissions and final manuscripts of accepted papers.

Elsevier LaTeX package

To obtain the Elsevier LaTeX package please visit the Elsevier web page Preparing Documents with LaTeX

Two-column Automatica style file

The style file autart.cls is a modified version of the official Elsevier style file elsart.cls. It produces output in two-column format that resembles the printed Automatica style more than output produced with elsart.cls.

Annotated sample LaTeX file

The annotated sample file autosam.tex illustrates the preparation of LaTeX documents for Automatica based on the Automatica style file autart.cls or the Elsevier style file elsart.cls. Download the sample file together with several auxiliary files packed together in the archive (Windows) or autosam.tar.gz (UNIX). After unpacking the archive, open the file autosam.tex as a text file and consult the annotations.

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